17 Elegant Tattoo Designs Women Will Cherish Forever

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Recently the retro style is becoming the most required style both in fashion and body art worlds. This is favorite style of celebrities, stars and stylish people. 17 Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Women You’ll Actually Want Forever


All women go mad for the romantic and calm nature of vintage styled designs, rooms, houses, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and everything connected with it. Vintage flower tattoo designs are not exception and they are very fashionable these days.


Times have passed for traditional rose or other flower tattoos and vintage styled flower tattoos have come up with their subtler designs to replace them.


These are the most compelling flower tattoos anyone can see in his/her life. Since women and flowers have incredible and magnificent relationship that cannot be compared with any other beautiful unity vintage flower tattoos are the greatest tattoos to be worn by women.


No any girl will be sorry picking one of these tattoos as they have a not only a ravishing look but also bring a calmness, prettiness and more attractiveness to pretty female bodies. On the other hand these tattoos are among the ones that can be worn both as temporary and as permanent. Usually they are done in watercolor style and their colors are too harmonious.


They have a touch of an astounding charm in them that makes the watcher focus on each detail inspire of the fact that their designs are simple enough. That is to say this is a combination of the simplicity and sophistication at the same time.


Some vintage flower tattoos are depicted in black, grey and brown hues with shadows that make them look more delicate and bring out the captivating charm of these flowers. It seems as if you have real fresh flowers pasted on your skin. This is the simplest way of embellishing the body forever with an ethereal spiffiness. They just scream beauty and seduction.


Vintage flower tattoos are broken from fairy-tales where pixies have always been surrounded with them, now they have come to surround the bodies of females thanking for choosing them. So, if you found your body art inspiration among these tattoos then choose the design that speaks with your heart.


Even without combining them with additional elements they look fantastic with their light hues. But if you like you can match them with anchors, hearts, stars, birds, ribbons or bows. The best body parts for vintage flower tattoos are ribs, necks, backs, stomachs, forearms, arms, hands, wrists either in small or large sizes. If you like you can use the 3D effect for your tattoo.







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