32+ Different Compass Tattoos for Women That Mean Something

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32+ Different Compass Tattoos for Women That Mean Something

Watercolor rose compass tattoo by @tattooist_greem

Additionally, compass tattoo designs are very adaptable. You can have an extremely detailed compass with precisely drawn parts. An alternative might be a minimalist one with straightforward lines and curves.

Mandala rose compass tattoo by @pimoosink

Rose compass tattoo by @tattoo_art_elisa

Simple compass tattoo by @dal.minii_

Abstract arrow and compass tattoo by @chloemickham

When it comes to tattoos with compass designs and meanings, there are many of alternatives. Thus, choosing a style that suits you well is difficult.

For your inspiration, we’ve put up a list of compass tattoos. These stunning and poignant compass tattoos might be your next ink, coming in different sizes and complexity.

What compass tattoos mean

One navigational aid for indicating direction is a compass. Before GPS and cell phones, compasses were an essential tool for tourists and sailors. It is hard to travel the world without getting lost without one.

For this reason, compass tattoos are regarded as a symbol of guidance and protection. It might not serve the same functional purpose as a tattoo. But for those who wear it, it provides a constant source of guidance.

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