Butterfly Beauty: 27+ Cute Tattoo Designs that Will Make Your Heart Flutter

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In the natural world, a butterfly’s wings resemble tiny canvases. People now prefer to study them because of their infinite beauty and complexity. Beautiful, small, and non-offensive, butterfly tattoos are very popular right now.

We were interested in learning more about the potential of the small butterfly tattoo genre because of the popularity of these designs. To gain a better understanding of the limitations of these small tattoos and how wild you can get in a limited space, we examined hundreds of recent examples that were posted on social media. We have some excellent ones for you! Take a look at these 55 tiny butterfly tattoos that demonstrate a lot of creativity in a small space.

Starting Small

Dream a Little Dream

Black Butterfly

On the Other Hand


Swoon-Worthy Color

Dainty Duo

Touch of Blue

Contrasting Wings

Squeaky Clean?

Size of a Dime

Make It Glitter

The Smallest


That’s Not Real?


More Moo!

Case for Red

Feel It Out

Third Time’s a Charm


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