Cheers to These 20 Wine-Inspired Tattoo Designs!

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Designers often turn to warm tones for fall fashion, but this season the fall fashion is totally outstanding in what refers to color trends.. They come from the cool end of the color palette – purple, blue, green, with pops of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. By the way, black remains the go-to basic.

So here are some tips from fall 2008 color trend fashion for autumn. Eternally chic, forever classic, many designers pick black for their fall collections, and there will be no lack of choices in black clothes for the upcoming fall and winter.

Here are some ways to wear black for fall 2008: head-to-toe black – which can be an easy way for petites to look taller, black and white – but keep in mind to wear creamy, rather than bright white, black with another trend color of the season – wear black with blue, green, purple, red, or yellow, little black dress

There is one rule you should follow when turning to black as your color – you must look good in black. Purple takes center stage for fall dressing. It’s a rich, strong hue that will look good with black, green, or yellow accessories. Dark purple floral prints will be in this fall. If you don’t feel purple is your color you can just add a touch of purple by wearing a purple purse, for instance.

Blue colors come in bright blue, clear blue, turquoise blue, and navy blue, so you have a wide range of hues to choose from. You’ll also find blue in cool floral prints as well as handbags. All you gotta do is choose your hue of red. If you look best in cool colors, try one of the pink reds or a purple red, instead of an orangey red. If you favor warm tones, look for tomato red this fall. Strong warm colors of orange and yellow will also look chic.


A few designers combine red with a black and creamy white combination for fall. Ralph Lauren showed a coat with a black/white/red color combination in a Native American inspired design, and Betsey Johnson designed a dress with a cream background, black stripe, and red print motif on its skirt.


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