Hoofprints of Honor: Tattoo Tributes to Equine Companions

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Animal tattoos are chosen for different reasons and each symbolizes something special associated with it’s behavior and lifestyle which inspire both women and men. .Today we’ll speak about fastidious and very delightful horse tattoo designs and their meanings. These tattoo designs are very exquisite and miraculous. They look amazing on bodies especially when they are done in 3D or 2D style. We’ll also refer to this style.


horse tattoos Horses are very calm and inspiring animals. They serve people from immemorial times. A horse had a great significance in many ancient cultures like in Greek and Roman rich history. Due to it’s humble and noble nature they are very symbolic also for Native Americans. The harmonious life that horses live is very astonishing and wonderful. These tattoos are worn especially by people who deal with horses during their lives or just have special attitude towards them.


Horse Tattoo Meanings: A horse tattoo holds a great symbolic value representing fascinating meanings. They mainly symbolize guidance, freedom, calmness, charm, free spirit, passion, courage, independence and strength. Horse tattoos can also stand for masculinity and beauty at the same time that’s why they are loved both by men and women. Since horses were used in wars for many decades they gained the ability of struggling against difficulties and overcoming hardships. And as this made them brave enough they represent courage as well. However the most important meaning of horse tattoos is loyalty.



Horse Tattoo Designs: So far I have seen so many beautiful hose tattoo designs that it was a difficult task for me to collect the best options. Most art works look very charming and catchy. However I offer you some ideas for your hose tattoo. Here you can find a design meeting your interests and preferences.


You can choose either a small and simple design or a large and detailed image. The body part you choose for your tattoo usually depends on the size of your design. If it’s small you can wear it on your wrist, forearm, ankle, neck or neck. These are one of the cutest tattoos I have ever seen. For larger designs you can choose your back, chest, arm and thigh. Since large designs are quite complicated and detailed they are created with different colorful inks. You can combine your tattoo design with flowers, horseshoes, leaves and the alike.








3D Horse Tattoo Designs

For those that want a very eye-catching and striking tattoo we represent 3D styled horse tattoos. As you see they look quite realistic and wonderful. You can choose a beautiful design of a horse head or the entire image of this animal. Both black and colorful designs are possible for 3D horse tattoos.






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