The Message behind Infinity Tattoos

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Infinity tattoos with deep meanings to wear for the rest of your life

* Infinity tattoos with their meaning

To know infinity tattoos with their meaning, you must know that the infinitive symbol alludes to this, to an endless cycle, to a feeling, an idea, an existence or a moment that never ends.

Among the hundreds of inspiring tattoo designs and ideas, the infinity tattoo is one that has become very popular because it can be loaded with numerous meanings and interpretations depending on how we represent it.

*Most popular designs and ideas to inspire you

Here you will see some ideas of infinity tattoos with their meaning, a wide variety of inspiring infinity tattoo designs. A way to reflect through our own skin an idea that has no end.

A project that we will defend forever, or even a feeling or a relationship that we never want to end. The infinity tattoo is one of the universal ones, the interpretation of which is easily understandable by people from different parts of the world.


One of the great advantages of the infinity tattoo is that its base is very simple and therefore it can also be done in very small tattoos that never confuse its meaning or message.

Small, minimalist infinity symbol tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body and are easy to hide or show depending on your preference.

*With initials

If you combine the infinity tattoo with initials then the message is much more related to human relationships. It is usually done to remember people who have died but who we will never leave, or even love or friendship relationships that marked us forever and that we never want to leave.

*With names and feathers

Names and feathers are slightly deeper tattoos. The feather is a symbol related to tattoos of freedom and search, imagination and fantasy. The infinity with a nаme refers to those people or places that we do not want to forget.

So an infinity tattoo with these two added elements can be a representation of a relationship that we desire or that we imagine or that has great symbolic value for us.

*With stars

Stars also play an important role in tattoos for me𝚗 and wоmen of different ages and genders. In that sense, combining a star that shines with its own light with an infinity is a sign that we love that person or the sensations that they awaken in us, we never want it to end.

The star shines and gives us its light and warmth, and when a human creates all that within us, the infinity symbol is a way of thanking and asking that it never end. It is for them that on this occasion we talk about infinity tattoos with their meaning.

*Where to get tattoos?

As with many other tattoo designs, we would like to get tattooed on one part of the body or another depending on the complexity. In the case of the infinity symbol, we said that it is very easy to make and that is why there are multiple sizes and positions that look very good.

To inspire you for your next infinity tattoo, we show you a selection of infinity tattoos and designs that you can try or use as inspiration before getting a tattoo.


The arm is an ideal area for tattoos of all kinds, and infinity symbols are no exception. You can play with small or medium sized tattoos, but you can also go for some larger designs.


Small tattoos on the wrist, easy to hide or show as desired. The best recommendations for a wrist tattoo revolve around the minimalist style, although there are those who opt for more pronounced details.


The ankle is a slightly uncomfortable area to get a tattoo, but you can get small tattoos with the infinity symbol that look great as a sign that we don’t forget the physical world and move forward with our feet on the ground.

*Cost when getting an infinity tattoo

The price of the infinity tattoo depends on several factors, including: the size, location, and level of detail of the design. In its minimalist version, it is not one of the most expensive tattoos, although a professional tattoo artist can start considering it for only 50 euros.


On the fingers they should be even smaller, but the infinity symbols on different fingers of the hand create a rather distinctive image.

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