12 Exquisite Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs & Symbolisms for 2024

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The fact that flowers symbolize beauty and tenderness they are also great as tattoo design ideas… In this article we’ll focus on the lotus flower tattoo ideas that are very popular and of course eye -catching. The peculiarity of this flower tattoo is that it’ so amazing that you can easily choose the size and the location you want to have it, as they look wonderful on any part of your body. You can have a big lotus flower on your back or a small pretty one on your wrist. They can be considered as beautiful and meaningful designs for body arts. They also give a wide opportunity of choosing colors and allow each one have his own idea about it’s design. The colors vary from the brightest to boldest. However they also look astonishing in simple black and grey. So, each person can have his lotus flower tattoo according to his own taste and preferences.

Having a lotus flower tattoo one should know that it has a deep spiritual meaning. As we know it’s the symbol of Buddhism representing purification, faith and enlightenment since in nature this flower grows in muddy waters and still remains pure and bright. So, this is just what Buddhism represents. In this religion people pay attention to the color of lotus as well, that’s why lotus flower tattoos are designed by those colors.

#1 White Lotus Flower

White Lotus flower tattoo

As we know white color is the symbol of purity, so a white flower also introduces intellectual purity and perfection. People who think that this gives their characteristic features and best characterizes them, they try to have one in white ink over a darker color. But before having this type of tattoo do some research to find out if the artist really has ever used white ink and has an experience in that sphere.

#2 Red Lotus Flower

What does red color represent? Love and compassion, so the same does red lotus flower designed in bright, bold red

#3 Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo design

Let’s have a look at blue. It stands for enlightenment and intellect. The blue lotus flower can look as an amazing tattoo design for your body.

#4 Pink Lotus flower

Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo

Pink? The color of each woman, which is also one of the greatest qualities of Buddha, allows you look feminine and elegant.

#5 Purple Lotus Flower

Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo

The meaning of a purple lotus flower is mysticism and if you contrast it to yellow the look will be more vivid and dazzling.

#6 Lotus Flower on Water

As we have already mentioned lotus flower is the symbol of Buddhism. So, the same is in Hinduism and it’s ability to grow on the surface of muddy water, it characterizes a serious spiritual rebirth, a struggle against impurity. So, our imagination allows us to have this lotus flower tattoo on water that is the background looks like a water and makes your tattoo more fantastic. And as lotus is a water flower you can have a number of small lotus flowers on water with delicate colors. You can combine blue-colored waves with the colors of the lotus flower itself: pink, orange, red or yellow.

#7 Matching Lotus Flowers

Matching Lotus Flowers

Do you know that in Chinese culture lotus symbolizes love, harmony and trust between two people? So, why do you linger? If you have a lover, this is a great idea of cementing your relationship. Matching lotus flower tattoos can make you a special and an original couple. But there is also another good idea of having a matching tattoo. That is, having lotus flower tattoos on both hands or foots showing that there is another person that has to you.

#8 Realistic Lotus Flower

#9 Bold-Lined Lotus Flower

#10 3D Lotus Flower

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