12 Mesmerizing Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs to Weave into Your Skin

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Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are very popular especially among Americans because the stories and the legends associated with dreamcatchers come from the ancient Native American tribes. These tattoos have deep and very fascinating symbolization and history. This item was used by Native Americans who used to hang it over the bed of a newborn baby so that it could bring only good dreams.





They also believed that it can protect the child from wicked and evil souls which might try to disturb the sleep by bad dreams. The shape and the design of a dreamcatcher are very spiffy that’s why the majority of girls love these tattoos. Dreamcatchers are usually  made of a circle with a woven web which catches dreams and it has feathers on it as well. Today many people keep dreamcatchers at their houses or just hang it somewhere in their bedrooms.




They believe in the stories told by their grandparents and hope that the dreamcatcher will protect them. It also has the ability of keeping negative energy away from the house and will bring only positive emotions. This fastidious and delightful power of dreamcatchers made it very popular and they are loved by most people all around the world. It also represents the mysterious and rich culture of Native Americans.




Since the dreamcatcher is considered as a protective talisman people wear dreamcathcher tattoos always to have it with them. It may keep them away from nightmares and will protect them till the end of their lives.




The designs for dreamcatcher tattoos look very spiffy on bodies. They decorate the body beautifully making it rather fascinating and exquisite. Traditionally its central part is designed as a net which is surrounded by several splendid designing like flowers, vines and leaves. However there are cases when people add such details that are personal and reflect their taste. Since the feathers make the design subtler they are inked very carefully and beautifully.


Each additional element can mean something special for the wearer and the combination usually hold symbolic meanings. You can add some wild animals like ox, wolf, bison and so on. Those who like refined designs may choose flowers, birds, colorful feathers, beads and alike. There is another design for a dreamcatcher tattoo which has a shape of a heart. This represents love and looks original enough.


People who prefer small tattoos can choose cute dreamcatcher designs and get them on their wrist, neck, shoulder or rib. These designs are mainly chosen by women. Men who prefer larger designs can get them on back, arm, chest or forearm. All the options look nice and grab attention due to their fascinating designs. You can wear either a simple black dreamcatcher tattoo or a colorful design.






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