32+ Inspiring Tattoos That Will Make You Smile and Feel Good

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Everyone experiences bad days. It might be one of those days where you’re so overwhelmed with work that you can’t even breathe. It might also occur when a shift in mood prevents you from getting out of bed.

“No bad days” might not be attainable. However, we have a choice in how we respond to challenging situations. Bad days are usually just bad moments that try our mental fortitude. When you think you can’t maintain your optimism, this adorable little tattoo will give you motivation.

Universe in your hands


Have you ever had the feeling that everything was out of your control? It becomes less effective the more you try. Our need to control everything puts a great deal of pressure on us.

This small cosmic tattoo acts as a gentle reminder to let go. Releasing yourself from the desire allows you to have greater freedom and opportunities in your life.

A cute tattoo for survivors


“There’s nothing more lovely than a smile that’s been forced through tears.” Demi Lovato’s quote is the ideal way to describe this tattoo.

On the way to your dreams


Klotski smiley face tattoo


Never give up on finding enjoyable things to do in life. Never, ever give up smiling. Joy and hopefulness proliferated like wildfire. Additionally, a smile from you can make someone’s day.

How to be happy


This mark might initially seem to be a somber tattoo. It does, however, send a positive message: nobody is content all the time. And it’s acceptable to not feel okay. Like the character in this artwork, the majority of us are not there yet. You’re not alone because happiness is what we’re all after.

Say goodbye to negativity


Not the end


It is possible for us to get so lost in our thoughts that we overlook the tools at our disposal. This understated yet meaningful tattoo will act as a constant reminder to ask for help when needed.

Bye, problems


I’m happy with this cute illustration tattoo. It exudes an optimistic yet slightly wild vibe. The cheerful and somewhat carefree atmosphere might help you unwind if you are a worrisome overthinker.

Happiness is a choice.


Select happiness, mental health, tranquility, and above all, select yourself.

Let’s dance


Keep growing – a motivational quote tattoo


If you choose not to, the journey continues. This inspirational quote tattoo will encourage you to work even harder to achieve your objective.

Don’t worry


Be a warrior. Not a worrier.

You are not alone


The right people, whether they be our best friends or our significant others, help us feel less alone. Makes you think of someone? It’s a reminder to never let them go with this adorable tattoo.

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It’s ok


Turning to face the sun will help you move past your shadows.

Bite the bullet


The first instance of “Bite the bullet” was in Rudyard Kipling’s 1896 book The Light that Failed. Still, its beginnings can be found in earlier times of war. At the time, anesthetics were not readily available. During medical treatment, wounded soldiers were made to bite the bullet to prevent tongue biting.

The expression “bite the bullet” now describes overcoming fear and difficulty in the face of challenges. It alludes to the will to keep going in the face of difficulty. The statement is a tattoo that stands for fortitude and tenacity. It serves as a reminder to keep going when things get tough.

Steal your worries away


Positive vs negative


Life doesn’t get easier just because you wish it to be. Good days and bad days are all part of life. Real positivity is knowing that struggles exist but so does hope.

No bad news

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