35+ Amazingly Pretty Flower Tattoos That Are Perfect For The Spring & Summer

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Certainly, getting a tattoo is a significant and personal decision, and it’s perfectly fine to take your time considering it. Floral tattoos, as you mentioned, often carry symbolism, and people choose them for various reasons, from representing personal growth to celebrating beauty and nature.

If you ever decide to explore the world of tattoos, it’s crucial to take your time, choose a design that resonates with you, and find a skilled and reputable tattoo artist. If you have any specific questions or concerns about tattoos, feel free to share, and I’m here to assist!


It’s completely normal for the idea of a tattoo to evoke various emotions and considerations. Tattoos, as you rightly mentioned, can hold deep personal meanings or simply be a beautiful form of self-expression. The decision to get a tattoo is a personal one, and it’s great that you’re giving it the careful consideration it deserves.

If you ever decide to take that step, make sure to choose a design and style that resonates with you, and consult with a skilled and reputable tattoo artist. They can help you bring your vision to life and ensure a positive experience.

Whether you decide to get a tattoo or not, it’s all about what feels right for you. If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss, feel free to share!

1.  A gentle and colorful watercolor floral tattoo.


This is a great late spring/early summer tattoo, and the placement of the design (on the ankle) gives the impression that you are walking through wildflowers. Since your pants will conceal it in other seasons, the placement is ideal for the spring/summer theme.

2.  Shades of purple flowers with leaf’s and a triangle.


For those of us who simply adore purple flowers, this shoulder tattoo is fantastic. For those of us who wish to cover up our floral tattoos during the off-season, this placement is excellent because it will show through longer shirts in the fall and winter. You can choose what to symbolize by leaving the triangle in or out.

3.  A more delicate wildflower tattoo with touches of color.


For those looking for a less colorful flower tattoo, this one is perfect. This one also features wacky symbols in the background. One appears to be a kite in the distance, and the red circle, though I’m just speculating, might represent the sun or moon. Although the placement (on the arm) requires more commitment, this would also look nice on the ankle.

4.  A simple tiny tattoo option (in pink).


For those looking for something small and understated but still really lovely (with the added bonus of being extremely cute!), this straightforward tattoo, consisting primarily of black lines with what appears to be pink watercolor ink, is a great choice. The image displays it on the inside of the arm (LOVE), but this one would also look amazing on the back of the ear, the ankle, and other more covert locations.

5.  Black and white wildflowers with detail.


This is a stunning option for people who are ready to commit to tattoos that are all black ink and prefer that style. If you’re looking for a full floral sleeve, this would be a great place to start.

6.  Detailed bouquet tattoo.


Because of its placement, this tattoo is perfect for the summer (imagine how adorable it will look with your short shorts!). It has a slightly retro feel thanks to the colors, and it feels romantic thanks to the bouquet arrangement.

7.  Simple pinks and purples.


This smaller tattoo is really adorable and feminine! For those who want a tattoo that blends in discreetly over the winter, this is a great alternative. Either the front or back of the shoulder (or the upper middle of the back for easy hiding) would look fantastic with this tattoo.

8.  Elaborate carnations back tattoo.


For those looking for a detailed tattoo with lots of subtle colors, this is a great option. Personally, I think the soft carnations and the vivid little blue flowers make a gorgeous contrast. Even though this tattoo is fairly large, its placement on the back means that it could still be easily covered up in the fall and winter.

9.  Micro wildflower tattoo.


This adorable tiny orange wildflower tattoo is ideal for individuals seeking a minimally invasive body modification. Furthermore, this tattoo is incredibly adaptable because it would look fantastic on the shoulders, ankles, wrists, or behind the ear.

10.  Japanese blossoms snippet.


This tattoo has a blue streak that resembles the sky and what appears to be a branch from a Japanese cherry blossom tree, giving it the feel of being in a Japanese flower garden. This one would look great on the back of a leg, but it looks best on the inside of the arm.

11.  Girly floral heart tattoo.


The epitome of a “girly girl” tattoo is this one! What a great idea this tattoo is. It appears as though you are looking through a heart at a bunch of flowers! (Very fantastic!) Furthermore, because it’s tiny, it’s discrete and looks amazing in a lot of places (wrists, ankles, inner arm, shoulders, or behind the ear).

12.  Black flowers with gentle color.


This is a fantastic choice for people who usually only use black ink but might want to give the flowers a pop of color. The color appears to have been added using watercolor-style ink and is a lovely blend of orange, pink, and purple. Either the front or back of the shoulder would look fantastic with this tattoo.

13.  Colorful wildflowers upper arm tattoo.


An additional fantastic choice for the vibrant wildflower tattoo! This one creates a truly amazing “poppy” effect by combining soft and vibrant colors. This one would look great on the upper arm, but it would be easier to hide in professional settings if it were moved to the back of the shoulder.

14.  Three flowers, touch of vibrant color and a triangle.


This is another excellent option for individuals who would rather use black ink rather than colored ink and want their flower colors to be a little bit darker. Personally, I’m totally smitten with that orange and purple combination. Additionally, it fits perfectly in the back of the calves, upper thighs, inner arm, shoulders, and upper thighs, among other places.

15.  Pretty in pink elaborate ankle tattoo.


Even though this tattoo is rather large for my ankle, I still adore it. With the addition of tiny wildflowers in the background to give it a more realistic feel, this tattoo is the ideal balance of feminine beauty and cuteness.

16.  Watercolor wildflowers.


I’m kind of obsessed with watercolor tattoos and this one is ideal for inside the arm or on the ankle this spring. With lavender mixed with wildflowers this pretty tattoo is sure to get you in the mood for spring and summer.

17.  Simple piece of lavender mini tattoo.


This tiny ankle tattoo is delicate and very subtle, making it a great option for those not wanting a high commitment tat.

18.  Retro floral bicep tattoo.


A colorful assortment of flowers that is more elegant and chic than the other colorful wildflowers tattoos. The colors of this floral tat give it a retro feel perfect for spring and summer.

19.  Blue flowers “growing” up the arm tattoo.


For those that are gaga for blue flowers (and who can blame you?), this is a fantastic option. The placement on the inside of the wrist “climbing” up the arm give the impression that the flowers are growing. This one would also look good on the ankle if an arm tat is too much commitment.

20.  Tiny tattoo with a bit more color.


For those wanting a small discreet tattoo that has a bit more color, this is a great option. This one seems to go from green to orange in gentle rainbow-like beauty. This one would look great on the wrists, ankles or the inside of the arms.

21.  Feminine take on simple black tat.


This simple carnation surrounded by leaf’s with lots of fun detail is a great way to get a simple black design with a little touch of femininity with the soft pink inside the triangle.

22.  Floral back of the neck tattoo in black.


This is the perfect tattoo for those desiring a touch of floral femininity this spring/summer, but want it to hide nicely when they want (you’ll have to wear your hair just right to even see this one). This tattoo is very simple, yet quite detailed and absolutely adorable.

23.  Double pink with a touch of lavender floral tattoo.


This inner arm tattoo is a great tattoo for the ultra-feminine touch with a soft pink and a dark pink flower surrounded by little lavender flowers. This tattoo is very realistic and detailed, but very soft and gentle to the eye.

24. A cool-girl  floral butterfly tattoo in black.


For the ultimate ode to spring and summer, get this simple black butterfly (the bug that totally wins at spring/summer *wink, wink*) that is half made up of an assortment of flowers. This tattoo is great because it’s symmetrical and would look great in all kinds of places (inner arms, upper arms, thighs, calves or back). Plus, the simple black outline would make it easy to add watercolor effects later if you wanted to mix it up.

25.  Simple light/bright colored floral tattoo.


This one is done in such a way that it almost looks like it was drawn on with markers (in a good way). Slightly less detailed and simple, but still bright, pretty and fun. This one looks great on the inner arm, but would also look good on the shoulder to be easier to hide when you wanted.

26.  Micro carnation in rosewood pink.


This teeny tiny tattoo is a great option for a small discreet tattoo. The elongated stem is practically begging for you to use it to spell out a word that has personal meaning for you. This tattoo would look fantastic on the inner arms, wrists, ankles or shoulders.

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27.  Assortment of flowers with a translucent feel.


This more elaborate tattoo is a great way to get in some color without it feeling like maybe “too much”. The colors are more soft and this tattoo gives the effect of flowers growing up the ankle.

28.  Half flower behind the ear in black.


This simple and small tattoo gives the desired floral feel with an added touch of elegance with the appearance of jewels streaming off the peddles. This is a great option for those desiring something sᴜᴘᴇʀ subtle as this will only be visible when you’re hair is up (unless you have sᴜᴘᴇʀ short hair).

29.  Simple black sunflower.


A sunflower seems like the perfect fit for a spring/summer tattoo! This one is sᴜᴘᴇʀ simple, but still cute, fun and feminine. Plus, the simple black outline design makes it ideal for adding some yellow watercolor ink later (if you so choose). This tattoo being so symmetrical makes it ideal for almost any placement.

30.  Purple flowers “growing” up the back.


Is your favorite color purple? Well, this is the tattoo for you. With an assortment of very pretty flowers perfectly shaded in shades of purple; you’re sure to love this tattoo.

31.  Simple black flowers along the rib cage tattoo.


Think of how cute this tattoo will look with your bikini this summer! This is the ideal tattoo for someone who only wants their ink visible on the beach, that has a high ᴘᴀɪɴ and tickle tolerance.

32.  Blue and green tiny ankle tattoo.


A slightly less feminine option for tiny ankle tattoos. Although, this one would also look pretty cute on the inside of the arm.

33.  Simple black collarbone floral tattoo.


With light lines and no color, this is a delicate tattoo for the collarbone that seems like it would be acceptable to adding color later if you wanted without needing that commitment now. This one would probably look good on the back of the shoulder as well for less commitment.

34.  Abstract ʜᴏᴛ pink watercolor back tattoo.


For those that love more abstract watercolor tattoos, this is the tattoo for you. Being on your back will make this tattoo relatively easy to hide, but the size does make it a pretty big commitment.

35.  Small two flower tattoo in subtle black.


This is a great simple and small tattoo option for those not wanting any color and wanting something small enough to be easy to hide. This tattoo would look great on the inner arms, the shoulders or the ankles.

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