Blossoming Beauty: 52+ Trending Flower Garden Tattoos for Women

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“I get a lot of requests for tattoos of flowers because of their various symbolic meanings,” says Seoul-based artist Hongdam, whose delicate style and painstakingly precise drawings have brought him international recognition. “They can be a good design for anyone, in my opinion.”

Hongdam advises considering how you want your tattoo to appear on your body before arriving with some reference photos that perfectly capture the appearance you want. “There are no set guidelines for placement, but occasionally I’ll suggest areas where the design would function well,” he explains. But in the end, the choice is yours. He continues, “You have to decide where you want it because it lasts a lifetime.”

We gathered the cutest flower tattoos and floral designs from our favorite artists and asked them to explain the significance behind each to help you focus your references.

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