Discover 16 Captivating Panda Tattoo Designs for Ink Inspiration!

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Among so many animal tattoos bear tattoos are very popular and meaningful.! The noble and interesting qualities this animal has inspires many men and women who go for a bear tattoo.




The nature and the lifestyle of the bear can be compared with some characteristic features of a human being and so, people who find these features in their nature often choose just bear tattoos.


Bears are known as very strong and brave animals and have great significance in many cultures, legends and stories. They symbolize courage and power and they are believed to represent the spirit of the wild wind in Native American culture.


In Sioux these animals symbolize healing. They are also great hunters and are considered as very successful in hunting. Some people find the bear quite powerful animal and see their spirit in it because of its leadership and confidence.


Since there are many types of bears depending on the location they live in you can see thousands of designs for bear tattoos. Here is a great opportunity of choosing the design that is closer to your heart and appeals to you. They can be depicted in various styles starting from the simplest small designs to the most complicated large images which hold different natural-looking colors.


There are tribal, 3D styled, watercolor, modern and traditional bear tattoos. Another type of these tattoos is panda tattoos which are usually chosen by girls. There are some realistic images of bears that can be worn as tattoos and if you like you can have them in 3D style. Those that like simple and black inked tattoos may like tribal bear tattoos. The colors of these designs mostly depend on the type of the bear you choose.




You can get a black, brown or a white bear tattoo if you want to add a realistic touch in it. Colorful bear designs look funnier and more eye-catching. They are more artistic and look quite beautiful. If you are thinking about the combinations and additional details for bear tattoos we can offer you several good versions. You can have a forest as a background. You may like to add some tree, leaves or braches to your tattoo. Those who are fond of funny tattoos can get a cartoon bear in bright hues. However bear is quite impressive just as a single tattoo design.



The body parts for bear tattoos vary from person to person, from taste to taste and of course from design to design. That is to say, if you have decided to wear a large tattoo you can have it on your back, chest or arm. Many go for sleeve bear tattoos as well and they look impressive enough. For smaller designs you can choose your leg, forearm, neck or shoulder.


Women can go for subtler designs while men may prefer more masculine designs. Before you get such tattoo make sure you really want it because tattoos are forever and if you wear a tattoo it can represent your individuality, your way of thinking and your attitude towards many things in life.










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