Discover 16 Captivating Rosary Tattoo Designs for Inspiration

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Body art is all about charming designs that come to embellish our skin. In many cases we meet designs reminding of nature that surrounds us. We see tattoos for 2024 bringing out images of animals, birds, floral elements and even landscapes and forests. Among bird tattoos dove tattoo designs are mainstream and not only due to their charm but also thanks to their deep symbolism. Let’s discuss these tattoos.


Though there are millions of birds but doves have huge significance almost in all cultures and religions. Doves have always been special creatures and were always been a part of body art. People associate lots of things with it and the majority of meanings they hold are positive.


In Christianity doves have several symbolic meanings. They represent faith and the Holy Spirit. It is a fact that when Jesus Christ was baptized a dove came and sat on his shoulder as the symbol of Holy Spirit. Bible also tells us about the story of Noah where we read that the dove brought olive branch marking the end of the flood. Many people following Christianity usually wear dove tattoos to represent the above mentioned meanings. As doves are very pretty and calm birds they also represent beauty, peace, harmony, hope, good psychological state, inspiration and wisdom. It’s associated with goodwill and this makes it a good choice as a positive tattoo. Dove brings hope of the new life, faith towards the positive things and it is the witness of the Holy Spirit which makes the soul peaceful and links you with God. In ancient Celtic culture dove represented virgin purity, protection and love. They were messengers in old times and people used them for this purpose as well. They had the ability of taking a message from one place to another and to return the place from where they were taken away. In many cultures doves represent the afterlife and the souls of departed ones. Since they are love and devotion symbols many spouses go for matching dove tattoos sometimes combining them with hearts or with their names.


A single dove tattoo represents purity and pure virgin qualities. These tattoos are loved by those who wish to wear a design as a symbol of their virginity. Two dove tattoos in one design symbolize wonderful unity and love. They are won by couples. Dove and flag tattoo designs stand for peace that the wearer wishes to see all around the world. You can have your dove tattoo in black, grey or even in white ink in a small size. But if you are fond of large tattoo designs you may get a colored dove tattoo on your skin. If you choose a white ink tattoo you should be very careful and should care about it as they differ from ordinary tattoos. You should find a skillful tattoo artist who can provide you with a stunning dove tattoo design. Small dove tattoos can be depicted on wrists, hands, neck, behind ear, ankle, and stomach or on shoulder. Larger designs can look better on chest, back, arm and nape. According to your preferences you can wear a delightful dove tattoo which will make your body more exquisite and beautiful.














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