Discover the Symbolism of Tulip Tattoos with 22 Stunning Design Ideas to Inspire Your Ink

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Tulip as a very subtle flower has always been in center of attention of women, poets, story tellers and folklore. It’s a symbolic flower for many cultures and is a mysterious one with its vibrant colors and design, that’s why many women choose tulip tattoos as their first tattoo. No one may deny the fact that tulips have a simple yet very luxurious look. 22 Amazing Tulip Tattoo Design Ideas with Meanings


Though they hold few and usually monotone colors but they have a captivating beauty which makes them a great choice for tattoos. In old times tulips were considered as flames of fire which was held on the petals of the flower. And today during many festivals and holidays tulips have their special place and role and they serve not only as decorations but also as symbolic flowers.


Nowadays tulip is the national flower of Iran and Turkey. It’s the floral emblem and symbol of Netherlands. As they bloom in the beginning of spring they symbolize new life and new beginning. Different colors of tulip symbolize different things which we’ll discuss below.


White tulips symbolize humanity, purity, respect, forgiveness, heaven, peace and tranquility. These tattoos look very pretty and if you like you can even get a white ink tulip tattoo on your body. White ink tattoos tend to shine and sparkle beautifully especially at night.


Purple tulips stand for nobility, spring, royalty, rebirth and beauty. It is found in the William Shakespeare’s play called “Hamlet” and here it is associated with nobility. People who are closer to art and painting usually choose purple tulip tattoos.


Orange tulips on their turn represent happiness and mutual understanding between soul mates. That’s why sometimes you may see orange tulip tattoo as matching tattoo ideas. The warmth, energy and desire held in these flower make it even more attractive.


Yellow tulip tattoos are generally chosen by best friends as they symbolize strong friendship. They also stand for sunshine and smile and positive people get a yellow tulip tattoo to show off their vivid personality. This is also a great way to embellish the body as yellow looks very charming and subtle.


Red tulips like other red flowers symbolize true love and passion. They are quite eye-caching tattoos due to their bright color which can make the female body more seductive.


As for pink tulips we can say that they are the representatives of care, perfect happiness and best wishes. People gifting pink tulips each other usually want to show their respect and best wishes towards people they love. These are the most captivating tulip tattoo designs for females.














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