From Scars to Art: 50+ Marks Turned Into Cool Tattoos

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From Scars to Art: Creating Cool Tattoos Out of More Than 50 Marks










2. A feather is as light as life itself.

3. This is a straight stitch, not a scar.

4. Despite the difficulties in life, happiness is still required.

5. The difference between the beаutiful аnd the ugly cаn be instаntly eliminаted with а single little butterfly.

9. Sometimes the simplest things can be art.

10. Are you familiar with this character, Star Wars fans?

11. Who would have guessed that the keloid scars in the living rose garden were formerly there?

12. The eggs will eventually hatch into turtles as well.

13. The scar has been transformed into a unique piece of art with just a few ink strokes.

14. Girls with a certain personality always choose flowers first.

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