Rule with Style: 11 Crown Tattoo Designs for the Ultimate Royal Couple

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Crown tattoo designs are very popular both for men and women.. The crown has been the symbol of royalty and authority for many centuries. Crown tattoos can be designed in various ways, combining with diamonds, jewels, crystals, and other elements which make it luxurious.


They have been used to represent power and authority for several centuries throughout the history. Nowadays we usually associate a crown with a king. Many other ancient civilizations have used crowns to represent their leaders. Some ancient cultures used crowns to symbolize their gods. Among one of the most famous crowns was actually not a luxurious and precious crown…


It is referred to as the “Crown of Thorns and was actually what Jesus wore when he was crucified. There are many religious arts and paintings that contain Jesus on the cross wearing the Crown of Thorns. These kind of tattoo designs are usually very symbolic to those who wear such tattoo. In other cultures, a crown full of stars is used to symbolize the halo. You may also see the cross combined with the crown. In such tattoos, the cross is the symbol of Christianity and the crown represents the victory of Jesus Christ.


Other tattoos represent royal crowns from European cultures that often have the Christian cross in their designs. Perhaps you have seen Roman Catholic art that shows Virgin Mary with a crown. For Roman Catholics she was crowned as the “Queen of Heaven”. These kind of crowns are often associated with Jesus and Christianity.


Crown and lion tattoo designs are also very common. This design is usually symbolic to the Zodiac sign of Leo. As we know lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. The crown is the representation of a king. Many people may choose this design as Zodiac tattoos, but a there are also people who wear it because it is an original design.


Diamonds are common symbols in crown tattoo designs. Most crowns are lined with crystals, diamonds, and jewels. You can also choose among skull and crown combined in a tattoo designs. Tattoo artists do their best to create cooler designs of crown tattoos using their own imagination. You can have your crown tattoo on any body part. Women may choose necks, ribs, feet, while men wear on backs, arms and chests. Crown tattoos give you a wide range of options to think about.







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