Top of Mesmerizing Mermaid Tattoos That Will Captivate Your Heart

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Mermaids are a legendary species that are half human and half fish. They typically have a fishtail and are female from the top to the waist. In other stories, they are also claimed to have mesmerising voices from birth, which they use to entice and kill mariners.

Princess of the sea - Mermaid tattoo by @anicorvus

In contrast, sirens that resemble fairies are said to rescue humans from drowning in other traditions. In any case, the beauty of these enigmatic marine creatures never ceases to astound people.

Mermaid tattoos are varied since mermaids are a contentious topic. Tattoos of mermaids can take many different forms. The colour mermaid in watercolour can represent freedom and beauty.

An ankle tattoo in motion @artangell

When inked in black, it might take on the appearance of a lethal but undetectable force. In any case, the curvaceous female shape and long flowing hair virtually ensure a beautiful work of art.

Whatever your opinion on mermaids, there is no denying their beauty. These stunning mermaid tattoos might be your next body art if you’re feeling like a mermaid.

Becoming human _mermaid tattoo by @by_vas

A intricate girly mermaid tattoo by

A mermaid tattoo behind the ear by

A detailed floral siren by @karoldiastattooist

The mermaid storybook tattoo by @remember_me_tattoo





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