Ben White’s wife Milly Adams posted a vacation photo of the two playing Uno on the beach in Dubai on the day that Brazil defeated England at Wembley, following the Arsenal star’s refusal to be called up

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Ben White’s decision to skip England’s friendlies has continued to spark controversy and debate. While the national team suffered a 1-0 defeat against Brazil at Wembley, White’s wife, Milly, shared a picture on social media of the couple playing Uno on a beach during their warm-weather holiday.

White has not been involved in the England set-up since he left the camp during the 2022 World Cup

The picture was posted hours before England's 1-0 defeat to Brazil at Wembley on Saturday

The Arsenal defender’s absence from the England camp and his decision to prioritize personal time with his wife have raised questions and generated speculation. White has not represented England since leaving their World Cup camp in Qatar in 2022 due to “personal reasons.” Reports suggest that a disagreement between White and England assistant coach Steve Holland played a role in his continued absence.

White refused a call-up by England and is instead spending time with his wife Milly

According to accounts, Holland questioned White’s interest in football while they were in Qatar, asking him about Manchester City’s performances and receiving a response indicating White’s lack of knowledge and interest in the sport. This exchange supposedly took place in front of other squad members, adding to the reported tension.

Arsenal ace Ben White jets off to Dubai after skipping England's games vs Brazil & Belgium to play UNO with stunning Wag | The Sun

Arsenal ace Ben White jets off to Dubai after skipping England's games vs Brazil & Belgium to play UNO with stunning Wag | The Irish Sun

White has previously acknowledged that he was not a passionate football fan during his youth and still does not actively follow the sport. However, Gareth Southgate has maintained that there were no issues between Holland and White during the World Cup camp.

Ben White's wife Milly shared a picture of the pair playing Uno in a picturesque setting on holiday

Despite the ongoing discussions surrounding White’s decision, Southgate and the England team faced a disappointing defeat against Brazil. White, had he chosen to join the camp, would likely have been called up due to his positive performances at Arsenal.

As England prepares for the European Championship, White’s absence and his holiday with his wife continue to capture attention and fuel speculation.

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