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Often we get tattoos of our favorite things: our pets, our favorite food, bands, movies…the list goes on. But what happens if your favorite thing is travel? There are tons of symbols of travel: suitcase, airplane, trains, and more. You could also get one of these landscape tattoos!

Getting a piece of your favorite place, especially if it is very far away and somewhere you may not get to be everyday, is like carrying a piece of home and heart with you wherever you go.

Landscape tattoo designs also happen to capture the imagination in a way that an object or animal often doesn’t. They hint at far off places, spots of romance, adventure or relaxation. These landscape tattoos span from mountainous camping sites to oceanic views and even castles fit for a fairy tale future.

These are places that you want to go to, and you immediately begin to envision what it would feel like to be there. The different sensory experiences that come with travel have a way of opening up your life so that you can become a more worldly, open minded and caring person!


Top Landscape Tattoo Motifs

Landscape tattoos are cool because they basically could be anything as long as they include…land. Obviously. So, technically they could be a seascape, or a building, or mountains and sky. It all just seems to be based on whatever you love, wherever you love to be. Many of these landscape tattoos are the beautiful and much loved mountains and forests which call to us on many a stressful work day. Others may be that of vacation getaway spots, gorgeous beaches and babes…oceans, palm trees, and golden colored sunsets. It all just depends on what the landscape says to you.

Beach Tattoo

This particular nature tattoo shows off the oceans frame: beaches of the world! Beach tattoos are perfect for people who wish they were on a permanent vacation…which means they’re perfect for everyone. Most beach tattoo designs include palm trees, waves, and tropical flowers…but this landscape tattoo is super great for add ons like text, buried treasure, cute animals, and more!


Cityscape Tattoo

One of our favorite ways to get new pieces is going to a brand new city and collecting a cityscape tattoo. This is a wonderfully diverse design as there are tons of great ways to personalize it. You can either use things the city is famous for, or you can add in details that describe what your time was like there! Getting a cityscape landscape tattoo is always a good idea.

Forest Tattoo

There’s beach people or forest people…and we’re sort of split between which one we like better. But a forest tattoo design is a fabulous way to explore tattoo styles or to perfectly capture your favorite camping spot. Whatever details you include, this landscape tattoo will tell people so much about you from the get go!

Mountain Tattoo

Who doesn’t love the majesty of mountains? Mountain tattoo designs can illustrate those truly inspiring aspects of nature and can even often symbolize overcoming struggle, as well as inner strength. This landscape tattoo looks great in almost any style, but we’ll definitely suggest a technique that captures that particular texture of raw rock against the elements.

Jungle Tattoo

Who doesn’t love lush, colorful jungles? Especially in the hands of a truly great and talented artist, jungle tattoo designs can wonderfully capture the atmosphere of being in a unique place. If this is your favorite kind of nature, we’d suggest this type of landscape tattoo. This sort of piece is especially poignant in Realism, but works will with all types of styles!

Desert Tattoo

Are you a self prescribed desert rat? Love the smell of creosote in the rain? Think scorpions are possibly the coolest creature on the planet? Then maybe a desert tattoo design is just for you. People in Arizona and New Mexico pick up these babies like crazy, and we can see why. This landscape tattoo beautifully captures one of natures greatest gifts.

Top Landscape Tattoo Placements

Usually what’s best is that you know exactly what you want, that way when you’re choosing where to put the landscape tattoo design, it fits perfectly with your body! However, sometimes we just know exactly where we want to put a tattoo…especially if you’re in that position where you feel a lil lopsided or you have spot in-between tattoos that needs filling. So, here you’ll find some landscape tattoo placement inspiration to see different ways clients and artists have worked with the body to create awesome pieces.


Landscape Back Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a really big nature piece, a landscape back tattoo may be a great choice. This also comes in handy if you’re looking to get a lot of detail or a wide expanse of landscape! No matter what style or technique you’re getting this tattooed with, this flat area is perfect for big designs and big ideas.


Landscape Arm Tattoo

Arms are a great placement for any tattoo. This is partly because they’re one of the least painful areas to get tattooed, but they also show the world a little bit about you from the get go! Getting a landscape arm tattoo leaves a lot of room for experimenting to find the perfect design for you.

Landscape Leg Tattoo

What we love about landscape leg tattoo designs is that they often include two tattoos…one on each leg. So, if you can’t decide if you like beaches or forests more, you can get both! One on each thigh, calf, or shin. You can also just get one tattoo, but who gets one when you can have two?

Landscape Hand Tattoo

These particular nature tattoos usually tell a great story. Our hands are expressive, so make sure that your landscape hand tattoo is the same. We’ve seen a lot of artists really play with the role of the fingers, and even palm, of the hand to create a truly unique piece.

Landscape Chest Tattoo

Another wide, flat expanse, a landscape chest tattoo leaves so much room to really express the atmosphere of your chosen natural view. We also suggest, if you’re looking to get a little romantic or poetic, that since this area is right above your heart, that you work with your artist to create something that truly resonates with the deepest parts of your soul.

Top Landscape Tattoo Styles

The other cool thing about landscape tattoos is that they can be any style, any aesthetic, any technique really. They could be ultra minimal, Linework pieces, or Realistic, Hyperrealistic…even many Traditional tattoo artists have done their fair share of landscape tattoos. Again, this is a design concept that can be translated into any motif or style.

Perhaps you want a perfect replication of your grandmother’s cabin in Watercolor, or a Photorealism piece of where you and your love became engaged, or maybe you just want a fun little sketchy Illustrative piece of your childhood playground. Choose a style that captures the atmosphere of your favorite place, or simply go with your absolute favorite tattoo style in general. It’s totally up to you and the options are endless!

Traditional Landscape Tattoo

This style allows you to get bright and bold with vivid colors or stick to the timeless black and grey aesthetic. Whatever you choose, you’ll know that your Traditional landscape tattoo design will wow from miles away.

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